Manastirea Calapodesti, Bacau
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PERMANENT REQUEST: I'm renewing my request to stop browsing with Internet Explorer, specially on this site, as it's no use and way beyond compare with Firefox regarding the interpretation of the html & css code. Please use Firefox!!

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12.12.2011: After a few good days of struggle, I have managed to arrange the photographs in the computer so, naturally, I've uploaded some, as it was left behind. Some of them are edited a bit and better arranged. Almost every photo gallery has now a few extra images. We're preparing for the Holly Day of Christmass and for the day of our patron saint (St. Antipas, 10th january) and we want everything to look good :).


05.12.2011: I manage to find some time for facelifting the site, thank Goodness. With St. Antipa's prayers I found a way to solve the issues that were bothering me: the cover and the header. Also I've embeded the font used for the menus, so now we have text links instead of images. For the future I have to complete the translations and to upload some more photos and videos.


09.08.2011: Linux users must install the Georgia and Verdana fonts for a more accurate display of the text.


09.08.2011: Special thanks to Neil, who offered to help us with the javascript code and who does such a wonderfull job.