Manastirea Calapodesti, Bacau
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Welcome on the official site of Calapodeşti Monastery. For those of you that don't know, the monastery was built in the honnor of (orthodox) Saint Antipa The Romanian (celebrated on 10th) of january).He is one of the romanian saints, maybe too little known even for his compatriots, but celebrated and loved by entire orthodoxy. That is because even though he was born in Calapodeşti (village in eastern Romania, Bacau county) he travelled, by God's will, as far as north of Russia, at Valaam Monastery, where he ended his earthly voyage.

In his honnor, we, the ones that are honnoured by him, have began raising a small convent, still under construction. Knowing the esteem Saint Antipa is getting from the orthodox worldwide, we also tooked the iniative of building this site and translating it into many languages, for the message to reach more people, worldwide.

In these virtual pages you will find multimedia files and different articles regarding our monastery, as well as the services for Saint Antipa (the main patron saint) and for All The Romanians Saints (the second patrons of our convent). Both services will soon be translated, we hope, into english and were composed by Bishop Joachim, Bishop of Roman and Bacau.

In the end, we'd like to mention that all the materials from this site (images, backgrounds, multimedia, articles) are free only for personal use. It is forbiden to sell them, either as a whole, either as excerpts. Feel free to contact use if needed, from the Contact page. Thank you and enjoy your browsing through the site!